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Set the scene with your cabinetry colour

Discover more about our collection of captivating painted ranges; the endless colour combinations, 2023's trending hues, and the answers to our paint-related frequently asked questions.  

Expertly Painted

Our meticulous in-house paint process ensures each door and drawer is skillfully sanded, primed & painted to perfection.

Limitless Colours

Choose from 32 on-trend hues from our Standard Paint Palette or opt for our Colour Match Service to create your own custom shade.

Local to You

Available throughout the UK & Ireland via our network of approved independent retailers, find your nearest one here.

Hue Arrivals

Meet the latest four shades to join our carefully curated Kitchen Stori Paint Palette. These versatile, richly pigmented hues are ready to transform any space throughout your home. Opt for one shade for a seamless cabinetry scheme or pair with other hues for added dimension. 

Discover more about Antique Red, Reed Green, Monument Grey & Cannon Black over on our latest blog. 

Right on Hue

Our most in demand green for 2023? Willow.

A rich, earthy mid-tone green, blurs the lines between outdoors and in with its warming yellow undertones.

Inspired by Irish forest floors, Willow’s hues reflect the varied species of ferns and mosses found below the tree canopy. Influenced by the pivotal role plants play in supporting the growth of woodlands, Willow is a strong yet muted shade that will enable the environment around it to thrive. 

🌍 Undertones: Yellow & Brown
🍐 Perfectly paired with: Taupe Grey or Graphite  
🌞 Room use: Works in any direction, however, Willow's warm undertones will add balance in colder North-facing spaces

What ranges are available in Willow? Find out here.

Willow Right on Hue Gif

Our Standard Paint Palette

Our Standard Paint Palette is comprised of thirty-two on trend hues bespoke to Kitchen Stori, spanning six tonal groups, and created in house by our Product Development Team. Inspired by their countryside surroundings, the latest interior trend reports, and even fashion catwalks, they have produced a plentiful palette with endless colour combinations to transform your space.

Thirty-two Bespoke Hues 

Pick one hue for uniformity in your space or mix and match to create contrast by highlighting key features like a kitchen island or drinks cabinet. If you’re looking for a specific colour and don’t see it within our Standard Paint Palette you can also avail of our Colour Match Service where we can match any RAL (European standard) or BS (British Standard) paint swatch. Find out more about our Colour Match Service here.

Kitchen Stori Standard Paint Palette 2023

Brush up on...

This year's trending kitchen colours, our in house paint process & how to expertly create a dream Country Chic kitchen.

Kitchen Stori Paint FAQ's

Which Kitchen Stori ranges are painted?

We carry a selection of painted, foil wrapped & stained door ranges. Our Standard Paint Palette (PTO) and Colour Match Service (CMS) are available for the following smooth matte and timber grained ranges: Aldana, Arrington, Belgravia, Clifden, Ellesmere, Florence, Georgia, Harborne, Jacobsen, Jefferson, Madison, Strada Matte, Tavola, Wakefield, Winslow & Zola Matte

I would like paint swatches of your standard paint palette, how can I order these?

You can order samples via your local approved Kitchen Stori Retailer; you can find your nearest one here.

Can I repaint my Kitchen Stori Kitchen/Furniture? 

If your kitchen is one of our paintable ranges then it can be repainted, however, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional kitchen resprayer/painter.

Please consider the following before respraying your kitchen:

  • Doors, drawers, etc require adequate prepping and sanding.
  • Depending on the colour you opt for, a matching light or dark primer will be required.
  • Overpainting a timber-grained finish could lead to less definition of the grain so could give the appearance of a 'smoother' finish kitchen.
  • We recommend that an adhesion paint be used to mimic the process we adopt in house, however, try a small sample area first.

A paint colour looks different online/your brochure compared to my sample, why is this?

Depending on the device used and screen resolution, the paint colours depicted on the website can appear slightly different to your finished cabinetry. The painted/stained colour swatches that are printed in our marketing material are as closely matched as the printing process will allow. The swatches and images used throughout our website and marketing material are only to be used as a guide, display settings can vary across devices and browsers therefore colour representation may not be accurate. We would always recommend that you visit your nearest retailer in person to browse and view your preferred colours and doors on display or alternatively order physical samples of the colours you are interested in via your retailer.

My paint has chipped on my cabinetry, do you provide touch-up kits? 

You can order paint & repair kits for current Standard Paint Palette shades and Colour Match Service via your local approved Kitchen Stori Retailer; you can find your nearest one here. Touch-Up Kits, Pens and Aerosols are only suitable for use on timber and smooth painted ranges and should only be used for minor repairs to backs and edges of doors. Although Kitchen Stori always tries to maintain a consistent colour match in batches of painted/stained product, there may be a slight colour variation between batches. An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed. Please note that there may be a minimum paint order required dependent on the colour(s) of your kitchen.

I would like to paint items or surfaces in my home a Kitchen Stori Standard Paint Palette shade, can I purchase additional paint?

We can provide you with the closest RAL colour references to our paint shades so you can get a paint made specifically for the surface you intend on colour matching; however, these are not exact matches due to our paints being customised specifically for our paint palette. Contact us via the website for more information.

What do the paint icons used in your brochure mean? 


Paint to Order

If you see this icon beside a range it means the range is paintable and therefore you can select any shade(s) from our standard paint palette for your furniture colour(s). 


Express Colours

This icon denotes popular colours within selected ranges that are pre-finished and therefore available in a shorter time frame.


Colour Match Service

All our paintable ranges can be colour matched to a specified colour using RAL (European Standard) or BS (British Standard) colour references. A special colour will incur a longer lead time than Kitchen Stori’s standard colours and a physical sample must be signed off before production of your kitchen begins. Find out more about the service here or through your nearest approved Kitchen Stori Retailer.

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