The Handle Collection

Finding the perfect finishing touch for your Kitchen Stori furniture is easy with our latest handle collection, comprising of 199 options in a wide variety of colours, styles, and finishes. So, whether you want your handles to be the star of the show or subtle and seamless, our extensive range will perfectly adorn any space. Our Handle Collection is available through our network of approved Kitchen Stori Retailers.



Choose your Handle Style

Explore a range of design options from square knobs, shapely cups, textured bar handles, and a sleek handleless rail system. Learn more about our 8 main handle styles below, which you can mix and match to add visual interest to your space.

Bar Handle

Bar Handles

A straight, elongated handle will provide a modern finishing touch to any space. We offer various lengths, finishes and textures across our collection.

T-Bar Handle

T-Bar Handles

Small, straight, "T" shaped handles that pair beautifully with our bar handles, and are an alternative to square or round knobs for single centrally fixed handles.

Cup Handle

Cup Handles

Our cup handles come in either a semi-curved or a projected straight bar shape with varying-sized back plates. They provide a comfortable grip and pair beautifully with matching knobs.

Knob Handle


A real multitasker, our selection of knobs come in a variety of shapes from square to round and can be paired with a range of hardware including cup handles and bar handles to create a harmonious flow.

D Handle

D Handles

Named after their simple "D" shape, this streamlined style comes in varying designs from timeless classics to contemporary creations, the perfect adornment to modernise your cabinetry.

Bow Handle

Bow Handles

Opt for a sleek or ornate bow handle for the perfect finishing touch for your cabinetry. Offering an ergonomic design, they feature an arch shape that will add soft curvature to the linear lines of your doors and drawers.

Trim Handle

Trim Handles

Discreet handles that can be attached to the top or side of your doors for a subtle, understated look. Offering a sleek finish to complement your modern haven.


Handleless Rail System

Opt for a seamless design with our handleless rail system. Designed to be integrated into your cabinet or drawer at the top, bottom, or side. Opt for a metallic or painted finish to style your space.

Choose your Handle Finish

Our standard handle collection is categorised into 5 main colourways: Brass, Black, Silver, Copper & Oak. Within each colourway there’s a plethora of finishes giving you endless opportunities for your furniture, from luxurious satin brass and polished chrome to the neutral warmth of brushed nickel or the stark contrast of matte black.  

Our handleless rail system is available in 3 core finishes Graphite, Brass & Aluminium as well as any of the 30 on-trend hues from our Standard Paint Palette and can be painted any shade via our Colour Match Service.

Brass Kitchen Stori Handles

Bold as Brass

Black Kitchen Stori Handles
Black on Top
Silver Grey Kitchen Stori handles
Silver Linings
Copper Kitchen Stori Handles
Prim & Copper
Oak Wooden Kitchen Stori Handles
Knock on Wood

Get inspired with our Handle Style Stories

Designing a space that reflects your personality and style can be challenging, but choosing the right handles can make a significant impact. Handle styles are constantly evolving, and in 2023, we will see some exciting trends emerge. From tactile textures to bold brass hardware, there's something for everyone. 


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